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How to go beyond traditional PAM and IAM?

Watch the exclusive recording of an expert presentation by Rami Raulas, Interim CEO at SSH Communications Security,
and Ville Päivinen, Senior Cybersecurity Architect at Microsoft.

The presentation was given and recorded during the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2024 in London.



Bolt privileged access
onto the Microsoft
Entra product family

Tighten the screws of your security setup
with SSH PrivX Zero Trust Suite.

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Learn about the best bolt-on for Entra ID

PrivX Zero Trust Suite is the best bolt-on for Entra ID that can help you manage your digital identities, users, access, and access credentials.

Our Zero Trust Suite can help you with:

  • Communications security for humans, systems, and networks

  • Zero Trust, the must-have model in 2024

  • Strong identity verification and identity-focused access security with Entra ID

  • Biometric, passwordless, keyless, and borderless approach to cybersecurity

  • Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) in access management


Discover the full functionality of the combined solution of PrivX Zero Trust Suite and Microsoft Entra more in the solution description:

Solution description

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IAM in the borderless, Zero Trust world

Traditional solutions alone cannot handle the security of superusers and critical assets. There is a need for a real zero-trust model, with no implicitly trusted users, connections, applications, servers, or devices and an additional layer of security with a biometric, passwordless, keyless, and borderless approach.


Not all identities are created equal

Privileged users access critical databases, infrastructures, and networks for maintenance, updates, and in emergencies. These high-impact users are low in numbers (around 0.5%) but need control beyond strong identity-based authentication for secure access.

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