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SSH Risk Assessment has been developed with the world's biggest financial and industrial companies. The service includes a non-invasive key scan and comprehensive compliance report. We'll give you a clear path to SSH audit success.  

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“Reliable accurate key discovery is vital. Our high performance key scanning parses configuration files to extract the exact location and activity of every key. I believe our R&D in this area is very strong, unmatched in the market.”

Tatu Ylönen, inventor of the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol, founder of SSH.COM

ICON platform

Enterprise SSH Risk Assessment - from the inventors of SSH

Fast - Completed in less than 5 days and requires minimal admin effort.

Non-invasive - No software agents installed. No changes to hosts. No private keys collected or moved.

Comprehensive - Get an analysis of your most significant risks and compliance weaknesses, including data visualizations.

Prioritized - We’ll tell you what to focus on first, and why.

Safe - No information or data leaves your control.

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