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Get your risk and compliance status on the radar with an actionable snapshot of your SSH key environment.

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Get actionable information. Convince management to prioritize your needs. Lower risk and increase efficiency. 

Fast - Completed in less than 5 days and requires mininal admin effort.

Non-invasive - No software agents installed. No changes to hosts. No private keys collected or moved.

Comprehensive - Get an analysis of your most significant risks and compliance weaknesses, including data visualizations.

Prioritized - We’ll tell you what to focus on first, and why.

Safe - No information or data leaves your control.

The global standard for demanding financial institutions

The SSH.COM Risk Assessment draws on our technology expertise, unique scanning and reporting software, and our wide-ranging experience with thousands of customers.  

Our Risk Assessment software and process are based on our best-of-breed Universal Key Manager software solution, designed for organizations with up to millions of keys under management.


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