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PrivX is the agentless, credentialess solution that integrates with your existing identity management tools. With PrivX, you can immediately start benefitting from secure authorized access to your hybrid and multi-cloud servers and applications.

Replace your in-house jump hosts, and combine your AWS, GCP and Azure Admin access management into one true multi-cloud solution. As you scale, PrivX will grow with you.


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SSH.COM PrivX is innovative cloud access management software

  • PrivX is software for Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS. It's an easy download, fast to deploy and simple to maintain. Also available as Infrastructure as Code!
  • PrivX allows users to make just-in-time SSH/RDP/HTTP(S) connections based on their roles, effortlessly via their web browser. Your attack surface is reduced as there's no permanent access.
  • PrivX's unique ephemeral certificate authorization gives you efficient access control without passwords or the need for credential management.
  • PrivX is a scalable solution based on modern microservices architecture that grows with you as your needs expand.

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PrivX is for agile teams

Are you a small-medium sized organization, a start-up, born in the cloud, a focused team within a large organization, or do you want to use innovative access software in a personal project?

If you need to manage, automate and audit access to critical resources, including on-premises servers, AWS/GCP/Azure cloud servers, management consoles, network devices or applications - or if you need centralized 3rd party access control with monitoring and session recording - PrivX can help. 

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PrivX is very fast to set up

After installation just add local users and/or import users from your existing directories. Create roles and map users to the roles that match their level of access, reusing groups already in your AD/LDAP/OIDC. PrivX auto discovers your cloud hosts and you configure them to match your roles.

Then, users can log in and make connections to their available hosts and accounts from the always up-to-date list of available targets.

Read more about rapid set up in the Knowledge Base >

PrivX Free

Up to 20 hosts

No credit card required

Up to 4 concurrent connections
and 2 monitored hosts

Slack community support


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PrivX Business

Up to 500 hosts

Monthly, quarterly, or annual credit card subscription
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Unlimited connections
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PrivX Enterprise

Over 500 hosts

Tailored pricing/invoicing

Unlimited connections 
and monitored hosts

Commercial support plans with SLA and available 24/7 premium support


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1. Download

Download the PrivX RPM package (96MB)
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2. Install 

Install PrivX on your Linux instance
(on-premises or in the cloud).


3. Add license  

Start the PrivX GUI
and complete the PrivX license dialogue.

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