The Human Element. That’s the theme this year at RSAC. For us at SSH.COM that means cybersecurity tools that are easy to use and are light on your bottom line.

This why our lean PAM is multi-cloud-native, deploys in days and is simple to maintain. And, it’s nicely aligned with Garter’s zero standing privileges (ZSP) and just-in-time (JIT) recommendations to reduce risk. Meet with us 1:1 at the show or schedule a call if you are not attending (our booth #6565) =>>

Learn why our customers and industry experts love our approach:

  • CISOs love the reduced risk of privilege abuse. Subcontractors gain access with only the right amount of privilege, and upon off-boarding their privileges are revoked.
  • IAM managers love off-the-shelf integration with IAM/AD/LDAP solutions, with synchronization between the right users and the right roles, and an automated joiners-movers-leavers process.
  • Architects love the agentless, fast-to-deploy and
    auto-scaling design that eliminates massive IT
    projects and reduces maintenance.


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