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Secure high-impact targets, credentials, and data with a watertight bolt-on
for Microsoft Entra products


With SSH Zero Trust Suite, you build a defense-in-depth security layer beyond pure ID-based access with Microsoft Entra ID. Find out more in the solution paper >>>

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Identity is the new perimeter -
but identity alone is not enough!


Network segmentation, firewalls, VPNs, or demilitarized zones no longer work in an interconnected world. Data and systems are scattered, people work remotely, and outsourcing and supply chain partners have access to your data from various locations.

This is why strong identity-based authentication has become the norm for business application access.

If identity is the new perimeter, then critical access is the master key to the digital strongholds of your most valuable assets

Verifying identity alone is not enough for critical and sensitive access. Users with that kind of access might make up only 0,5% of your workforce but constitute up to 99,5% of your cybersecurity risk!

Extraordinary access requires extraordinary controls – beyond
Entra ID with SSH Zero Trust Suite

Our Zero Trust Suite is a bolt-on for the Microsoft Entra product family that integrates seamlessly with Entra ID to map the identities with the roles that are used for high-impact access.


Download the solution description paper to:

  • Learn how SSH Zero Trust Suite works with Entra ID to help you manage and secure 100% of your identities, users, and access

  • Discover use cases that are not fully covered by the Microsoft Entra product family

  • Learn more about SSH Zero Trust Suite and if it's the right solution for your business



Get the solution paper here:

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