Remove Standing Privileges Through a Just-In-Time PAM Approach

Start your journey towards a just-in-time (JIT) model with zero standing privileges (ZSP). Get the research and learn:

  1. Why standing privileges - even when vaulted - are a key risk factor
  2. The importance of the principle of least privilege in critical IT networks 
  3. How the JIT approach mitigates risk associated with privileged access management (PAM) 

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“Security and risk management leaders engaged in IAM must implement a zero standing privileges strategy through a just-in-time model.” ”

- Gartner's 'Remove Standing Privileges Through a Just-in-Time PAM Approach'


The future is ephemeral

Gartner predicts that by 2022, 40% of privileged access will be ephemeral. One of the biggest drivers is cloud migration. Get the research to learn how to keep up with the change >

Eliminate standing privileges with just-in-time credentialess access

PrivX solves the problem of standing privileges: all access is provisioned just-in-time, via ephemeral certificates, with only the right amount of privilege to get the job done

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