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  • Zero Trust solutions
  • PrivX for IT, OT, or MSP
  • UKM Zero Trust
  • SSH Risk Assessment
  • Tectia SSH Client/Server - Quantum-Safe or Zero Trust Edition
  • Tectia SSH for z/OS
  • NQX Quantum encryptor
  • Deltagon Suite
All SSH secure access and data products and services are available for demonstration at your convenience, in-person or online.


Zero Trust solutions - Just-in-time Zero Trust access management that allows you to manage passwords and encryption keys in a centralized manner and migrate to keyless and passwordless authentication.

PrivX - A lean, cost-efficient, and highly automated privileged access management solution for hybrid cloud environments.

PrivX OT Edition - Full-scale secure access solution for Operational Technology and Critical Infrastructure businesses.

PrivX MSP Edition - Secure access solution for MSPs to manage access to multi-tenant customer environments.

UKM Zero Trust - SSH key management solution that automates governing of SSH keys according to compliance and security standards and supports migration to keyless authentication.

SSH Risk Assessment - Discover all your SSH keys and determine what security risks and vulnerabilities exist due to SSH keys in your IT environment, and how you can meet your specific compliance requirements.

Tectia - SSH's popular enterprise software for fast encrypted file transfers, application-to-application tunneling, and secure remote access.

Tectia Quantum-Safe Edition - Tectia technology upgraded with post-quantum algorithms to encrypt and protect file transfers and remote access in the era of quantum computers.

Tectia Zero Trust Edition - Tectia technology with the addition of post-quantum algorithms and Zero Trust access management.

Tectia Server for IBM z/OS - Mainframe secure file transfer (SFTP) software combining enterprise-grade reliability with high performance and easy cryptographic processing. With the addition of post-quantum algorithms.

NQX Quantum encryptor - Certified quantum-resilient encryption solution for transporting Ethernet and IP traffic across any network, private or public

Deltagon Suite - A collection of applications that help organizations and employees access, verify, sign, receive, store and share sensitive data in a secure and compliant manner across organizational borders and when working with external stakeholder. Includes secure email, secure workspaces, webforms, and e-signatures.

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Universal SSH Key Manager SSH key management software for large enterprises. Pass your SSH audit  and automate up to millions of keys. Learn More
PrivX Eliminate standing privileges and streamline just-in-time secure access in hybrid multi-cloud environments, PrivX is PAM re-imagined. Learn More
NQX VPN Firewall QuantumReady protection for state secrets and critical data in transit. Learn More

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Looking for an SSH client? Tectia is the market-leading enterprise-class SSH client/server from SSH.COM, the inventors of SSH.

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