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Find out how PrivX takes the pain out of manually granting and revoking server access, ensures your admins and engineers always have one-click access to the right servers, and gives you an audit trail - vital if you are handling sensitive data or working in IT outsourcing.

See how PrivX replaces in-house jump hosts, adds traceability to shared accounts using shared passwords, and conveniently combines access management for your on-prem, AWS, Azure and GCP servers, all in one multi-cloud solution.

We currently offer two ways to explore PrivX for free

  1. PrivX Free - a free license to a limited version of PrivX software that you can download, install, and manage on your own
  2. PrivX as a Service - a free trial of our managed cloud service

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PrivX helps teams to gain and control access to servers, network devices and other critical infrastructure according to user roles and privileges. You can explore and test PrivX for free in your own environment either with a limited software license or by trying out PrivX as a Service.


"PrivX gave us a hassle-free tool for ad-hoc access to customer production environments without the need for cumbersome ticketing systems and approval processes."

Sami Säisä, Head of Strategic Development, MOST Digital 


Innovative Zero Trust access management software

  • PrivX is designed so you can cost-effectively apply the Zero Trust model. Users only get access to the right servers, applications and data, as and when they need it.
  • PrivX allows users to make just-in-time SSH, RDP or HTTP/S connections based on their roles, effortlessly via their web browser. Your attack surface is reduced as there's no permanent access.
  • PrivX's ephemeral certificate authorization gives you efficient access control without passwords or the need for credential management.
  • PrivX is a scalable solution based on modern microservices architecture that grows with you as your needs expand.

Get free access to PrivX as a Service

We are offering you a chance to test PrivX in our SaaS environment for a limited time. After the trial period you can choose to continue as a paid customer, or switch to PrivX Free.

  • SSH.COM managed cloud platform
  • Access your own cloud instances and on-prem servers
  • Nothing to download or install
  • We'll email you your personal instance URL
  • Free 90-day trial period

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One click to the hybrid cloud estate for admins and engineers

Open your browser, SSO to PrivX, see a list of hosts to connect to and click yourself in. Test how easy it is to get access to all your vital resources through one centralized access authority. 


Manage joiners, movers and leavers with ease

Your people keep changing roles and need access with various levels of privilege to different environments. Sub-contractors need access for various periods of time. Find out how to control the entire privileged access lifecycle with minimal manual work.


Auto-discovery of hosts and role-based access

See how easily you can map existing user groups in AD/LDAP to the access roles in PrivX. Learn how PrivX auto-discovers all your global multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP),  assets for you. Monitor sessions and make changes on the fly.

Find out what's under the hood

If you want to explore PrivX's capabilities in detail, here's a direct link to download the PrivX admin manual...

PrivX admin manual