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White Paper: Privileged Access Management solutions for Agile, multi-cloud and DevOps environments 


This report investigates how agile ways of working, like DevOps, changes the access game: hybrid multi-cloud adds complexity, the number of various superuser roles is increasing and automated software pushes the limits of existing access controls to a breaking point.

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“Teams [...] also need access to resources and increasingly these are accessed to and from cloud and multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Such users also present challenges to traditional methods of privileged access management, often around scoping what relevant data exists in the cloud, building applications in the cloud, should be made privileged and preventing privilege creep in these multi cloud environments.”

Paul Fisher, KuppingerCole 

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In this document, Kuppinger Cole analysts explore:

  • Why hybrid & multi-cloud access management needs to be centralized
  • What are the security, operational and business benefits of credentialess, just-in-time PAM solutions fro agile teams
  • Why lean footprint and rapid access make some PAMs ideal for DevOps, hybrid cloud and agile environments
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