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Join us at the CS4CA USA Summit 2024

Connect with us at the Cyber Security for Critical Assets Summit on March 26-27, 2024, in Houston, TX, USA.

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IT and OT are converging. It's time to
get down to the nuts and bolts of Zero Trust.

Let's meet at the CS4CA USA Summit and chat about the latest in OT and critical infrastructure cybersecurity, the future of OT security solutions, and our software-based OT solution, PrivX OT Edition.

At the event, you'll get the chance to learn about our SSH Zero Trust Suite, a software-based modular solution to manage and secure identities, users, and access to all your critical targets and assets.

Zero Trust Suite can help you with:

  • Communications security for humans, systems, and networks

  • Zero Trust, the must-have model for critical infrastructure and OT in 2024

  • Strong identity verification and identity-focused access security with Entra ID

  • Biometric, passwordless, keyless, and borderless approach to cybersecurity

  • Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) in access management

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Helping Manufacturing Companies Unlock the Digital Transformation Journey, Reduce Downtime, and Improve Productivity


Eduardo Giancristofaro from SSH Communications Security will be speaking about the digital transformation of the OT and manufacturing industries.

Join the session to learn about:

  • Benefits of digital transformation in OT and manufacturing
  • How to accelerate your digital transformation journey
  • How to implement borderless secure access control to connect users and applications to production systems



Eduardo Giancristofaro

Channel Development Director for OT at SSH Communications Security

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Secure Remote Access Lifecycle Management for Operational Technology (OT)

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Manage and secure access to your OT assets and environment 

Whether it's on-premises, cloud, or hybrid. Whether it's modern or legacy. Our PrivX OT can handle it all.

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