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Connect with us on May 22-23 at Kistamässan,
Stockholm, Sweden
. Visit our booth N:30.

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Securing communications between humans,
systems, and networks for over 30 years

We are SSH Communications Security, a Finnish defensive cybersecurity company, and we secure communications between humans, systems, and networks.

We deliver security based on the Zero Trust principle: Never Trust – Always Verify.

In an interconnected world with complex data flows, we help organizations to know ‘who does what, when, where, and on which device’.


About us

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Your channels for sharing confidential, restricted, or secret information

Secure Messaging is a super secure application for real-time communications over encrypted chats, and audio and video calls. Build your own authorized channels for compliance and record-keeping.

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Secure Messaging is part of Secure Collaboration 2024, a package of applications to protect all your business-sensitive, confidential, or secret communications and data sharing.

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EXPERT PRESENTATION  |  MAY 22  |  13:00-13:45


Securing Communications: Trends and Next-Generation Communication Security


In today's increasingly interconnected and digitized world, as cyber threats become more complex and AI-driven, organizations need to take control of their critical communications rather than relying solely on the basic security measures of global giants.

Join us for an insightful session focusing on the critical aspects of auditing and record-keeping and robust end-to-end encryption in daily communications security.

  • Explore how organizations can navigate the challenges of compliance and regulatory fines by implementing authorized channels for sensitive communications.

  • Discover secure messaging strategies, including encrypted chats and video conferencing, with full control over encryption keys and no trace on public servers.

  • Learn effective data control methods and meet data sovereignty requirements through diverse deployment options: public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises solutions.

  • Gain insights into cutting-edge quantum-safe algorithms, ensuring robust security against emerging threats.



Patrik Forsbacka

Vice President for BU Secure Collaboration at SSH Communications Security

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