Quantum-Resilient Protection for Highly Classified Information in Transit

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Why NQX?

Approved and certified solution The NQX solution has been verified and tested to meet the strictest security requirements to be used for transporting confidential information.
Future-proof solution with PQC The new PQC encryption and key change methods can be easily implemented in NQX network via software upgrades.
Scalable hardware options Government branches vary in size and per purpose. NQX is designed to run with different government certified harware configurations.

When national or business security matters

Sometimes being compliant is only the beginning. SSH NQX™ is a government-grade firewall and virtual private network (VPN) that provides cryptographic protection for highly-classified information when it in transit. It provides high performance packet processing for rule-based forwarding, encryption / decryption and filtering for Ethernet based IPv4 / IPv6 networks.