PAM systems can be a WIN, WIN, WIN for MSPs!

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Managed Service Providers (MSP) are an important part of the growing IT ecosystem as more and more enterprises outsource parts or most of their infrastructure to MSPs.

This evolution has led to MSPs getting access to highly valuable targets in the customer environments, typically using what are called privileged accounts. Privileged Accounts are used by IT Admins, DevOps teams and application support to name a few, to gain administrative access to critical customer infrastructure and applications.

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Three WINs for MSPs

Improve Secure Access to Customer Environments Mitigate credential and compliance risk, reduce complexity from access management and produce solid audit trails of activities.
Simplify Access Administration Reduce the complexity of credential management, centralize access under single pane of glass and automate
Increase Revenue Opportunities Offer PAM as a service (PAMaaS) which is fully integrated with customer deployment, service desk ticketing and user provisioning workflows becomes an incredibly sticky solution.

PrivX - The MSP friendly PAM

PrivX is our flexible and adaptable PAM solution that can help MSPs learn more business.

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