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Learn how you can secure access to critical targets with minimal amount of manual work for your developers and admins, maximum security for your environment and just the right amount of privilege for the task at hand.  Get a demo of PrivX - the scalable, cost-efficient and bloat-free Zero Trust Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution.

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Introductory demos are typically 30 minutes or less. They consist of a basic discussion of client needs, a product overview and demo, then some closing discussion on product alignment and how PrivX can address your use case.

Discussion of your needs Understanding of your needs. We discuss topics like how are your passwords, digital keys and other secrets currently managed and what is your access management strategy for the hybrid cloud?
PrivX Product Overview Based on your needs, SSH will demo how access is granted just-in-time (JIT), sessions are identified & tracked and access revoked automatically without leaving risky credentials behind.
Alignment We will outline high level technical details around product alignment together with you to determine how PrivX can best help you improve your security posture.

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PrivX is you centralized control room to all targets in critical infrastructures.   The targets to access can be in cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) on-premises, network devices, applications or industrial controller systems (ICS). 

With PrivX, you vault the secrets you need and then start your journey towards enhancing your privileged access security by enabling just-in-time (JIT), passwordless and keyless authentication. 

Learn more details in PrivX Datasheet and why adopting JIT Zero Trust authentication methods not only improves security, but accelerates your operations.

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PrivX Case Studies

Case Study - A Fortune 500 Tech Secures Access to Containers An online giant chose PrivX to secure access to highly dynamic container environments. PrivX's auto-scalability and microservices architecture made a difference for the customers. Learn More
Case Study - Secure Access for Robots to Critical Data Find out why MOST Digital deployed PrivX to handle their robotic process automation (RPA) and to secure remote developer access to customer environments. Learn More
mockup Financial IT case study
Case Study - 3rd Party Risk Mitigation in Three Days See how a network service provider in Asia deployed PrivX in just three days to keep their operations running while improving their 3rd party remote access management and audit trails. Learn More

“I like quick wins for our customers.”

Tatu Ylönen, founder of SSH.COM and inventor of the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol