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PrivX™ Test Drive

Play with the next generation of lean secure access software from the comfort of your favorite browser.

No obligation. No payment. No installation.

Just instant access to a fully featured playground. Take the guided tour or explore!

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We designed the PrivX Test Drive for potential SSH.COM customers.
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Note: The PrivX Test Drive is for demonstration purposes only and is not intended for enterprise production use.

PrivX lean access management is perfect for agile teams

How does it work?

There's a guided tour or you can explore yourself: 

  • Learn how easy it is to set up and use PrivX
  • Play with roles to control access to target hosts
  • Add users and user directories
  • Add hosts and learn about auto discovery with AWS and Azure
  • Request and approve roles with workflows
  • Connect to target hosts with various authentication methods

Do I need anything to get the test drive started?

No, just fill in your details in the form and you're good to go!

The PrivX Test Drive is browser-based so there’s nothing to install, download or configure. It's free and available instantly.

Get hands on with PrivX and find out how agile secure access can contribute to your CI/CD process.

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One click to the cloud

We work with the same DevOps mindset as you. PrivX is the perfect fit to your DevOps toolchain. It takes the pain out of host discovery and access provisioning for admins. You can manage all your global instances from one view. Best of all your users get one-click access to their vital resources. 


Lean and agile secure access

We designed PrivX as a lean solution that scales up and down with you. Automated dynamic access routines help you speed up your dev cycle and remove the risks associated with ad hoc and 3rd party trusted access. Tomorrow you can tell your devs they can forget their credentials!

Want to read in-depth about PrivX?

The PrivX datasheet has detailed info on tech specs, features, standards, integrations and more.

Get the PrivX datasheet