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Developers: See how all your multi-cloud, hybrid & on-prem resources are auto-discovered for you into a single view and access them with just one click - without using complicated credentials!  

Admins: Handle joiners, movers and leavers with just a few access roles, create ad-hoc access on the fly and see how all sessions are individually recorded for compliance and security.

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The PrivX Test Drive is browser-based so there’s nothing to install, download or configure. It's free and available instantly. 


One click to the cloud estate for devs

Open your browser, SSO to PrivX, see a list of hosts to connect to and click yourself in. Test how easy it is to get access to all your vital resources through one centralized access authority. 


Manage joiners, movers and leavers with ease

Devs change roles, need access with various levels of privilege to different environments and share access credentials. 3rd parties, IT contractors & suppliers need access for various periods of time. Find out how to control the entire privileged access lifecycle with minimal manual work.


Auto-discovery of hosts and RBAC for admins

See how easily you can map existing user groups in AD/LDAP to the access roles in PrivX. Learn how PrivX auto-discovers all your global multi-cloud (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure), hybrid and on-prem assets for you. Monitor sessions and make changes on the fly.


KuppingerCole recognizes PrivX as an innovative solution for the PAM market

The new Executive View Report states that PrivX is a unique and agile alternative to standard password vaulting and session management.

Read the KuppingerCole Executive view >


Ephemeral Certificates enable credentialess multi-cloud SSO 

Traditional PAM solutions introduce too many obstacles in a world where...
  • the number of people who have privileged access has exploded
  • access requirements are often short-lived
  • hybrid and multi-cloud environments constantly change
  • sysadmins, database administrators, technicians and software developers need access faster that it can be granted

Learn the secrets of Ephemeral Certificates in the white paper >

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