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Compared to legacy PAM PrivX will...

  • Cut the costs of password lifecycle management and vaulting by granting Zero Trust short-lived authentication
  • Reduce deployment and maintenance efforts by avoiding the use of agents on your client workstations and hosts
  • Speed up, economize and secure your cloud transition by controlling access to your on-premises, AWS, GCP and Azure servers

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  • See how PrivX fits on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud AWS, Google Cloud and Azure environments
  • Learn how PrivX brings third party, ad-hoc and one-time access under management
  • Review how PrivX meets your compliance needs with audit logs and session recording and playback

Fast and intuitive user experience

PrivX helps admins, DBAs, technicians, engineers and outsourcers work more efficiently and securely.

Administrators enjoy role-based access control (RBAC), quick integration with ID management systems and re-use of existing AD/ LDAP groups to simplify provisioning of least privilege access.

Privileged users make 1-click SSH or RDP connections from their browser – without sharing credentials or using SSH keys. No need to install anything on the client or the server.

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