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Compared to legacy PAM PrivX will...

  • Cut the costs of password lifecycle management and vaulting with Just-In-Time access
  • Reduce deployment and maintenance efforts by avoiding agents on your workstations and hosts
  • Speed up, economize and secure your cloud transition by controlling access to your on-premises, AWS, GCP and Azure servers

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  • Learn how PrivX integrates with your existing identity solutions and SIEMs 
  • Plan your rapid PrivX deployment
  • See how PrivX fits on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud AWS, Google Cloud and Azure environments
  • Learn how PrivX brings third party, ad-hoc and one-time access under management
  • Review how PrivX meets your compliance needs with audit logs and session recording and playback

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“PrivX allows our core programmers to focus on programming. They don’t have to worry about security routines.”

Sami Säisä, Director, head of strategic development, MOST Digital