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SSH.COM PrivX is cloud resource access management software for sysadmins, DBAs, techs, agile teams, DevOps and all kinds of insourced and outsourced software and app devs.  

PrivX overcomes the weaknesses of bloated password-based systems that cannot scale to the cloud cost-effectively. It's the perfect fit for your CI/CD enterprise DevOps toolchain.


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The best way to discover the new world of rapid and intuitive access management is with our new free browser-based test drive. The PrivX Test Drive is fully featured. You can take the guided tour or explore yourself. Discover and configure hosts, see RBAC at work, try the workflows - it's all there. It's instant access, free, requires no credit card and there's nothing to install.

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We invented the SSH protocol

We invented the Secure Shell protocol in 1995. We’ve been safeguarding the data economy ever since. We work with federal agencies, Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, IT specialists and regulatory bodies to secure the digital economy. We use DevOps best practice to drive our own software development. With PrivX we're defining a bright new future for secure access.

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