Quick-to-deploy privileged access management to meet tight deadlines

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Learn how a network service provider (NSP) in Asia was able to deploy a PAM solution in just three days to keep their critical operations running while ramping up their security.ssh_Case_Study_Quick_to_deploy_PrivX_Mockup


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“PrivX also delivered the best value of any PAM solution, since it was up and running within the client’s environment in just three days, ensuring development could stay on deadline.”

ssh_Case_Study_Quick_to_deploy_PrivX_MockupIn the case study, you'll learn:

  • How PrivX eliminated the risk of password sharing.
  • How the customer's partners are able to log in to the customer environment with ease but without compromising security - with a solid audit trail.
  • How fast a PAM deployment can be completed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
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