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SSH ranked
Overall Leader
in KuppingerCole’s DREAM report 

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What is DREAM?

DREAM is a new access and entitlements classification coined by KuppingerCole Analysts. It goes beyond just cloud-focused management of entitlements and access, looking at all types of identities, workloads, and all elements of IT. Additionally, DREAM delivers a  comprehensive set of methods and models for moving to agile delivery of secure services in multi-cloud, multi-hybrid IT environments.

What makes SSH’s PrivX stand out in the DREAM report?

SSH's Hybrid Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution PrivX was ranked in the top category in the report. Some of the highlights include:


Just-in-Time Zero Trust access

Embrace the most dynamic and effective way to manage access and secrets in the hybrid cloud: without passwords and keys. Vaulting and rotating secrets supported when needed.


De-silo your IT/OT

Unify access to all targets in on-premises, public/private clouds, systems or infrastructures. Don’t split responsibilities. Manage access consistently to shifting workloads. 



Automate the discovery of cloud assets and the linking of the right role to the right identity, instead of manual administration.


Zero Touch management

Minimize the changes to your environment with an access management solution that leaves your environment intact. No one time passwords (OTP), no temporary accounts or the processes needed to run them.

“The CIEM and DREAM sector is impacting on classical PAM; its vaults and standing privilege architectures are increasingly too slow for dynamic cloud workloads.

- Paul Fisher, KuppingerCole, in the DREAM report





The Gartner Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar 2022 places passwordless authentication as the top priority for organizations this year. 



“The existence of privileged access carries significant risk, and even with PAM tools in place, the residual risk of users with standing privileges remains high. Security and risk management leaders engaged in IAM must implement a zero standing privileges (ZSP) strategy through a just-in-time (JIT) model.”

 – Gartner in "Remove Standing Privileges Through a Just-in-Time PAM Approach"



“Our solution has been growing by 200% year-on-year for the past few years, so there is real market traction for a new breed of hybrid PAMs for IT and OT.”

 – Teemu Tunkelo, CEO, SSH.

How to achieve JIT Zero Trust access management
with four parallel steps?





Better without
permanent credentials

Take our interactive tour and discover why you are better without the pain of managing and rotating permanent credentials.

Be better without always-on access


Become passwordless
and keyless

Reduce the risk, cost and complexity of managing, vaulting and rotating always-on credentials.  Short-lived authentication is better.

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Manage keys and passwords as one

Centralize the management of passwords and encryption keys under one solution. Migrate to a just-in-time Zero Trust models.

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