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When Was Your Last 

SSH Key Risk Assessment?

Out of sight, out of mind. The unseen is easy to forget.

Encrypted connections in corporate networks rarely attract attention. While encryption is vital for security and confidentiality, it does make monitoring and access control difficult, particularly for the privileged users that have system-level access.

We, at SSH Communications Security, know encrypted networks and privileged access granted by ssh keys better than anyone. We invented and created the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol that protects privileged access to IT infrastructure everywhere. We have also seen how unmanaged SSH environments can become a security risk themselves. As time goes by and the volumes of SSH keys grow, so does the risk of misplacing keys (and control).  Valid keys in wrong hands spell serious trouble.

We encourage you to be proactive. The Secure Shell Risk Assessment provides you with:

  • Structured data of the current situation
  • Expert security analysis of your environment
  • Visualization of the trust relationships, keys, and servers
  • Detailed information on your compliance & regulatory requirements
  • Recommended actions (vendor independent)
  • Baseline for corporate security policy adjustment (for SSH)

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