Secure Access for Operational Technology (OT) and Critical Infrastructure

IT/OT convergence requires new type of security.

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This white paper explores the following key questions:

  • Is the recent explosion in the number of industrial cyberattacks due to systematic shortcomings in cybersecurity?
  • Are industrial control and automation systems particularly vulnerable to malicious access attempts?
  • Are firewalls & VPNs enough to secure manufacturing operations in IT/OT convergence? How does Zero Trust fit in?


Secure remote access management for OT business means...

Zero Trust access for risk mitigation Federation of authorizations from user directories (AD, LDAP, OIDC). Entitlements to roles – updated in real time. Role or access request, elevation, removal – with granularity down to individual ...
Versatility by a thin-client, agentless access with OT compatible protocols RDP: Secure access to OT management and monitoring software running on Windows (RDP), Linux (SSH), Web based (HTTPS) or VNC infrastructure.
Access workflows, automation and resiliency Clear structure for managing users, targets, and credentials Multi-factor authentication (MFA), role-based access control (RBAC), and audit trails. A high-level of automation, high availability ...

SSH.COM PrivX OT Edition

Learn more about our PrivX OT Edition. It's a secure remote access management solution specifically designed to protect your sites, industrial controller systems (ICS) and and provide secure access for on and off-site operators & maintenance engineers

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