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With SSH's secure business communications solution, Secure Collaboration 2024, you can secure your confidential communications easily and securely.

Secure Collaboration 2024 is perfect for companies and organizations who need complete security and control over their:

  • Confidential human-to-human communications (like email and instant messaging)
  • Secure data transfers
  • Digital data storage and sharing (data in transit and in use)
  • Secure data collection with web forms
  • Secure online signatures

Secure Collaboration 2024 helps you gain control over your data, whether you choose to store it in the cloud or on your own premises. It also helps you guard the data by limiting access and usage controls (based on your policies).

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What to expect from your e-Communications Suite demo.

Discovery Understanding of your needs, the nature of your confidential data and how it's transmitted and stored within your IT stack.
Product Overview SSH will overview the main features of the e-Communications Suite that apply to your use case.
Alignment SSH will outline high level technical details around product alignment and how the e-Communications Suite can be a solution for your use case.

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