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Cryptography and compliance

Tatu Ylönen, inventor of the Secure Shell protocol and founder of SSH.COM, is one of the world's leading authorities on cryptography, SSH, compliance and threats. 

Tatu was the principal author of NIST IR 7966 and the IETF standards on the SSH protocol.

Tatu also developed the SFTP file transfer protocol and has contributed to a host of technological leaps and standards. Tatu is a successful entrepreneur, but an engineer at heart. He is US-based.

Complex issues & integrations 

Markku Rossi is CTO at SSH.COM and an experienced and talented developer, with remarkable insight into security technologies

Markku has crazy coding skills. He is also an inpiring leader and key player for high-risk, high-complexity technological challenges.

Formerly chief architect at Nokia, Markku is responsible for R&D at SSH.COM. He is based in Europe and prefers video calls.

"SSH.COM understand the protocol and the security challenges related to SSH use and misuse better than any other vendor on the market."

Karen Lawton, CEO and founder, SJ Technologies

Read our NIST IR 7699 white paper on key management best practice. NIST IR 7699 was co-authored by Tatu Ylönen.

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