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PrivX™ Test Drive

Try lean PAM right now

from the convenience of your browser

What's included in the PrivX Test Drive?

You get a test playground with all the admin and user features and functions of PrivX software. It's free and available instantly. Just sign up below! 

Do I need anything to get started?

Just fill in your details in the form below and you're good to go! The Test Drive is browser-based so there’s nothing to install, download or configure. 

How does it work?

There's a recommended guided tour through key features. You can also explore yourself and play with hosts, roles, workflows and more!

PrivX home screen

Follow the guided tour or explore...

  • Learn how easy it is to set up and use PrivX
  • Use roles to control access to target hosts
  • Request and approve roles with workflows
  • Add users and user directories
  • Add hosts and understand the benefits of auto discovering resources from cloud hosting providers
  • Rapidly configure hosts 
  • Connect to target hosts with various authentication methods
  • The PrivX Test Drive is instant access, browser-based and there's no software to install!


Any more questions...?

Am I committing to buying anything?

No! You have no obligation to buy the software. But, be warned, you'll want to after you’ve tried it.

OK, I want to buy PrivX software now!
Great! Just head over to the online shop and pick the option that suits you best!


Note: The PrivX Test Drive is for demonstration purposes only and is not intended for enterprise production use.



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