Tectia® Server for IBM z/OS Case Study

Read how a major banking and finance institution secured their critical mainframe communications with Tectia® Server for IBM z/OS. Fill in the form to download the case study >>>

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From SSH.COM, the inventors of SSH.

  • Seamless FTP to SFTP conversion without changing existing JCLs
  • Direct MVS support
  • Uses CEX for hardware encryption acceleration
  • 24/7 professional support available

For mainframe users that demand security with speed and reliability..

  • Secure your existing insecure FTP connections without making changes to your existing JCLs
  • Save valuable CPU cycle costs by CEX hardware encryption acceleration support
  • Cross-platform interoperability (Tectia Client and Tectia Server)
  • Ability to integrate proprietary encryptions
  • Full PKI support over both SAF and ICSF

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