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The UKM Test Drive is your own sandbox for you to explore. There's nothing to install, download or configure. It's the best way to get to know Universal SSH Key Manager - the most capable and future-proof SSH key management solution out there.

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Find out how UKM takes the pain out of manually generating, distributing, and revoking SSH key access, brings the power of knowing how far the key sprawls go and the ability to reign it in.

Future proof SSH Key management software providing innovative Zero Trust SSH access capabilities

  • Discover - Assess your risk posture, discover all SSH access (automated or interactive) across your IT infrastructure, and identify all policy-violating encryption keys.

  • Manage - Implement systematic monitoring and control of your SSH Key environment to remove keys that are uncompliant, unmanaged, or bypassing your controls.

  • Automate - Automate the full lifecycle of vast numbers of cryptographic keys to simplify the effort of staying compliant and ensuring all your sessions are audited, logged, and tracked.

  • Migrate to Zero Trust SSH access - Radically reduce the overhead of managing permanent SSH Keys and move to keyless, just-in-time Zero Trust access with short-lived certificates.

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The solution for enterprises in heavily regulated and audited industries that must have an up-to-date SSH key inventory and full key lifecycle management to pass audits, stay compliant and minimize the risk of data breach cost effectively.

Read more about comprehensive SSH key control for large enterprises - from the inventors of the SSH protocol.

UKM Datasheet

UKM Case Studies

mockup case study a global finance
A Global Financial Institution Regaining Control of Trusted Access Among a slew of competitor products, discover how SSH’s Universal SSH Key Manager helped this bank regain control of trusted access in their critical infrastructure. Learn More
mockup case study big data
Managed Secure Access to Big Data in the Cloud SSH's UKM provided the proper time-based provisioning for this big data company looking for access controls that enabled secure, controlled, audit compliant SSH key management. Learn More
mockup Financial IT case study
Securing A Financial IT Environment with Universal Key Manager and Tectia See how UKM paired with Tectia secured an IT environment for a large financial institution in Asia. Learn More

“I like quick wins for our customers.”

Tatu Ylönen, founder of SSH and inventor of the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol