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Need to secure ungoverned access to customer data, intellectual property or control systems? Get a demo of Universal Key Manager (UKM). The demo will include a live demo as well as an introductory discussion of your company's particular use case.

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Introductory demos are typically 30 minutes or less. They consist of a basic discussion of client needs, a product overview and demo, then some closing discussion on product alignment and how UKM can address your use case.

Discovery Understanding of your needs, the number of keys currently managed and the current governance of SSH access.
UKM Product Overview SSH will overview the main features of Universal Key Manager (UKM) including the identification of policy violating keys and automated key renewal.
Alignment SSH will outline high level technical details around product alignment and how the Universal Key Manager can be a solution for your use case.

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The solution for enterprises in heavily regulated and audited industries that must have an up-to-date SSH key inventory and full key lifecycle management to pass audits, stay compliant and minimize the risk of data breach cost effectively.

Read more about comprehensive SSH key control for large enterprises - from the inventors of the SSH protocol.

UKM Datasheet

UKM Case Studies

mockup case study a global finance
Case Study - A Global Financial Institution Regaining Control of Trusted Access Among a slew of competitor products, discover how SSH’s Universal SSH Key Manager helped this bank regain control of trusted access in their critical infrastructure. Learn More
mockup case study big data
Case Study - Managed Secure Access to Big Data in the Cloud SSH's UKM provided the proper time-based provisioning for this big data company looking for access controls that enabled secure, controlled, audit compliant SSH key management. Learn More
mockup Financial IT case study
Case Study - Securing A Financial IT Environment with Universal Key Manager and Tectia See how UKM paired with Tectia secured an IT environment for a large financial institution in Asia. Learn More

“I like quick wins for our customers.”

Tatu Ylönen, founder of SSH.COM and inventor of the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol