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SSHerlock is a free self-service that helps you:

  • Gain visibility into your SSH key estate within minutes.
  • Discover policy and compliance violations such as use of weak cryptographic algorithms, insufficient size, connections crossing PROD/NON-PROD boundary, etc.
  • Prepare for IT audits by producing a comprehensive report on the state of your environment and providing recommendations for addressing violations.

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Learn about the attack routes
threatening your organization

If you don't have full visibility into your organization's environment, attack surface, and security vulnerabilities
- your business is in danger.

To fully protect your business from security risks, we offer Hyver (by CyeSec), a cybersecurity optimization platform. It provides a fact-based approach to organizational cyber-defense, managing business risks, and optimizing cybersecurity investments.

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Tatu Ylönen, founder of SSH.COM and inventor of the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol